Rehab and develop the old Sutter Creek Firehouse on Main Street that was built in the early 1930’s as a museum and display space for the early 20’s fire truck being recreated in 2006.

  • 13% Funded
  • $800 Raised
  • Projectstarted

Repair the existing fire bell tower on Main Street at City Hall and reconstruct the fire hose cart house that was originally located under this bell tower with a hose cart display.

  • 37% Funded
  • $1,100 Raised
  • Projectnot yet started

Rehab and develop the original Sutter Creek Firehouse on Spanish Street as it would have appeared in the time period 1912 to 1930 with the equipment in use during this time.

  • 50% Funded
  • $3,500 Raised
  • Projectnot yet started